Winner of RIO Fall Store Wars is ...

RIO Fall Store Wars / Winner Announced! What is RIO Fall Store Wars? Each year, RIO Car Wash employees celebrate the Fall season by decorating


Join over 70,000 others who have joined the #BERECYCLED pledge so far.  The national recycling rate has increased over the years.

Tastes Like Thanksgiving Casserole

Enjoy the fruits of your hard-earned Thanksgiving cooking with this terrific, hearty recipe courtesy of, the perfect way to incorporate leftovers into another tasty meal.

A RIO Fun History of Halloween

Have you ever wondered how the tradition of dressing up in crazy costumes and passing out candy to kids got started?  If so, this blog is for you. A brief history, 2,000 year in the making, of Halloween, one of America’s favorite and second largest grossing holidays!

Rio Recipe of the Month

We love this classic pumpkin soup recipe from because it’s simple, easy to make and luscious!

RIO Car Wash to Donate 100% of Car Wash Sales to Empower House

On Saturday September 30, Rio Car Wash will host its annual Empower House Charity Car Wash Event from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at both of its Fredericksburg area locations.

Rio's Really Good Recipe of the Month

This football season, no matter which team you are cheering on, here’s a great game day recipe.

RIO Recipe of the Month - Salmon Burgers

RIO Recipe of the Month Salmon Burgers It’s summer.  Maybe its vacation at the beach.  You’re busy as ever and you want to keep that beach body looking good, so healthy eating is important, right? But so is flavor.  This recipe from has flavor, and health …

Whether or not it will rain. A brief history on weather forecasting.

Oh, the decisions we have to make. You think to yourself, should I go to the car wash today or not?  Maybe it’ll rain later. Looks nice right now. Probably won’t rain, but maybe tomorrow? Hasn’t rained in a while, I’m probably safe.  Better yet, let me check my …

Bet You Can’t Beat This

Don’t you just love making a purchase and feeling like, hey, I just got a really great value! I got it a fair price and I love what I got in return.