Whether or not it will rain. A brief history on weather forecasting.

Oh, the decisions we have to make. You think to yourself, should I go to the car wash today or not?  Maybe it’ll rain later. Looks nice right now. Probably won’t rain, but maybe tomorrow? Hasn’t rained in a while, I’m probably safe.  Better yet, let me check my …

Bet You Can’t Beat This

Don’t you just love making a purchase and feeling like, hey, I just got a really great value! I got it a fair price and I love what I got in return.   

Rio Recipe of the Month - Father’s Day Mancake Pancakes

This is one dish you may not want Dad eating every day, but on his special day, these pancakes from allrecipes.com truly are special!

Rio Recipe of the Month - Savory Flapjacks with Maple Syrup

You say pancakes, FoodandWine.com says flapjacks. Either way, this is a killer Mother’s Day recipe because it’s packed with flavor and oh so easy!

Clever Car Organizer for Moms

Every so often, we come across an idea that we must shout from the rooftops. Recently, a busy Mom came through one of our car wash locations in Virginia Beach and used our free vacuums (have we mentioned that they’re always free?).

Interior Car Care Tips

Your car’s interior is important to your comfort and it’s resale value, so let’s listen up to the Pep Boys when they chime in on some excellent car care tips for keeping the inside of your car neat and clean. 

News from the Clerk of Courts

Your Clerk here with a very special blog.  I am going to do something I’ve never done before in my blogs.  I am going to disprove one of laws of physics!


Grand Prize: WIN ONE YEAR OF Unlimited Manager’s Special CAR WASHES*

A Rio Romantic Recipe

It starts with the roux, then the cheese sauce and then bake until bubbly! This recipe from thekitchn.com doesn’t’ take much more time than the boxed stuff, but it’s a classic that you’ll want to keep in your back pocket for any day...

Guinness Beer Dip

You like beer right? And cheese? Ok, then grab some tortilla chips, pretzels or crusty bread and get dippin’ with this crowd pleasing showstopper of a recipe from allrecipes.com.