Annie Small
You may not see Annie on the job every day, her schedule, in fact, is part time and when she is on site, you might find her lounging around. She’ll work, but only if commanded and then she expects a reward, like a treat, not a paycheck.

Annie is a great team player according to those she interacts with at the wash. “She’s fun to have around,” said RIO Car Wash owner, Jeff Small, but conceded she can be demanding. “Always looking for a pet or scratch behind the ears,” Jeff adds. Annie is a seven-year-old chocolate lab retriever. She’s been “employed” by RIO Car Wash since 2015 when she passed the rigorous “Are you friendly and outgoing” portion of the interview process.

Annie was adopted in 2012 after she failed the final step of course preparing dogs for work with law enforcement agencies. That’s when Small realized she would make a great addition to the RIO team. “While she may not be great at sniffing explosives, she sure knows how to make friends and treat our customers with love and respect.”

Next time you’re at our Sebring Dr. location, keep your eyes peel for Annie. Be sure to say and show her some love. You can be sure she’ll reciprocate with a smile. Her favorite place to visit at the Stafford location? Murray’s Dog Wash, of course!