Meet Diane Lopez, the Site Manager at our RIO Car Wash Indian River location. Diane has been working with RIO Car Wash for about a year and she absolutely loves the car wash industry because it fits her “people-person” personality. She likes the fact that she gets to be around others and meet new customers every day. Prior to providing RIO great customer service, Diane worked in the billing and DMV department for an automotive business.

While she’s not at work, she enjoys spending time with her dog, a Pitbull named Corona and she also has a cat named Reign. They are best buddies! Diane’s favorite season is Summer where she takes advantage of going to the beach and being outdoors. Want to know a fun fact about Diane? She knows sign language! Be sure to catch her at an amusement park this summer, another one of her favorite summertime activities.

The next time you’re at RIO, be sure to give Diane a #shoutout and a wave! #TeamRIORocks