We’d like you to meet Jonathan Cole, General Manager at our Stafford location. Jonathan has been providing great car wash service for RIO customers for about 3 years. His favorite part about the industry is how it allows him to challenge himself every day. There is always something to be done – maintenance, trouble shooting, saying hello to customers, you name it, the car wash business keeps him hopping! Jonathan previously worked at a call center before joining the Rio Car Wash team, so he really enjoys being the contrast of being outside more and interacting with folks.

When Jonathan’s not providing exceptional car wash service, you can find him playing video games and hanging out with his friends. He also enjoys watching sports and listening to music. Some of his favorite genres are electronic, classical and hard rock – now there’s variety for you! One of Jonathan’s favorite things to do is take road trips. Every year he takes a long-distance trip with his friends. Next time you’re at our Stafford location, make sure to say hello and wish him safe travels!