Help! How Do You Select the Right Paint for Your Car?

We all love going to RIO Car Wash for a clean, shiny car, but when age and wear and tire have left their marks, it may be time to consider a new paint job. Urethane, metallic, and acrylic are three popular choices for a vehicle owner who is looking to paint his/her car. The question is - how do you decide which of these three types of paint is best for your automobile? The key to making this decision easier is to examine the pros and cons of each option.

Urethane Car Paint

The first pro of urethane paint is that it can be sprayed over most other paints, including lacquer, without having a reaction. This is an affordable paint and lasts for a long time. You won't find that it chips easily. Urethane paint is more resistant to fading.

A con to urethane over your other choices is it isn't the least expensive of the three. If you're not careful, the paint can end up looking plastic when it dries. If painting your vehicle is a do-it-yourself project, this is not a very convenient option because it is toxic. Handling the paint requires a full suit with goggles and a respirator with an air pump.

Metallic Car Paint

One of the biggest upsides to metallic paint is the visual appeal. This is a gorgeous solid paint with metal flakes that give the surface a reflective sparkle when the sunlight hits it. It's great to increase the value of your car and hides dings and scrapes well.

A disadvantage is that it doesn't come in that many colors and if you get a really deep scratch then it can be hard to repair. Matching the paint is often difficult if you have a large area that needs to be fixed. This type of paint is also fairly expensive.

Acrylic Car Paint

A pro of using acrylic paint on your car is it will last a long time because it forms a hard shell after it dries. It's actually baked onto the car when a professional does it.

If you use a lacquer acrylic paint, you'll find the end result gives it a nice glossy look. If you're using acrylic enamel paint, then you can use one that requires a clear topcoat for extra protection or one that doesn't. If you use an acrylic urethane paint, then you'll find it's easy to apply and acts like the enamel as far as the longevity.

Some disadvantages of acrylic paint are that it doesn't last as long as your other choices and it wears down easily in the sun. With acrylic urethane paint, you'll find it hard to mix the paint and get the right spray from your gun to get the best coverage. The acrylic urethane paint also requires protective gear due to its toxicity.

Choosing the right paint for your automobile is very important. Weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision and take into account cost, longevity, and the type of car you're driving to help you make a better decision.  Last, but certainly not least, wait at least 30 days after your new paint job before you bring your vehicle in for a RIO great car wash at Virginia’s favorite car washes, so the paint has had sufficient time to cure.