Every RIO Car Wash location in Virginia is eco-friendly. Now its your turn to join over 70,000 others who have joined the #BERECYCLED pledge so far.  The national recycling rate has increased over the years. Currently the national recycling rate is 34%, but we can and should do better! Join the pledge here to do something to make a difference.  What can I do you might ask?! You can pledge to LEARN. Find out what materials are collected for recycling in your community.  ACT. Within the next month, pledge to reduce the amount of waste you produce. SHARE. Encourage one family member or friend to take the #BeRecycled pledge.

RIO Car Wash does its part in recycling too. Did you know we recycle the water we use to wash cars? Yep, there are pits that capture the water that runs off the cars.  That recycled water is then used in the early rinses and to mix with the detergents, but never the final rinse! And remember, washing your car at Rio Car Wash uses much less water than you would use at home. A typical home wash uses 80-140 gallons of water.  Our washes average just 50 gallons of water per vehicle.

The moral of the story is keep Virginia beautiful and keep recycling folks!