Some folks think washing their car at home helps their wallet.  But with Rio Car Wash’s new lower priced monthly unlimited wash plans there’s never been a more affordable way to keep a car clean day in and day out.  Stop by any location in Fredericksburg, Richmond or Virginia Beach, VA for details if you’re interested – we’ve got plans for every budget.

Washing a car at home is wasteful, using nearly 100 gallons of water to wash one car! By contrast, Rio Car Wash averages 40-60 gallons per automobile and gets the job done brilliantly with high intensity sprayers that require less water to wash off the same amount of dirt, salt and grime.

Now think about all that soapy water run-off from a driveway wash, combined with pollutants from the vehicle  – fluids like oil, anti-freeze and transmission fluid – going right into the nearest sewer.  Yuck!  Rio Car Wash, on the other hand, captures the waste water and recycles it and then sends it off to a waste water treatment plant. Way better for the environment!

If all that doesn’t convince you, think about the salt on the roads this winter.  It can damage your cars undercarriage.  How ya gonna get that off?! Rio Car Wash has an undercarriage wash that will rid your car of the salt and slush that leads to rust and ruin.  Plus it’s just too darn cold outside to bother with a hose, isn’t it?!