Every so often, we come across an idea that we must shout from the rooftops. Recently, a busy Mom came through one of our car wash locations in Virginia Beach and used our free vacuums (have we mentioned that they’re always free?). One of our Rio Car Wash team members noticed something very unique in the Mom’s car and struck up a conversation with her. Hanging from the backs of Mom’s vehicle seats were toiletry organizers like this one, courtesy of Amazon:Amazon car oganizer

Except, the pockets weren’t filled with travel toiletries as one might think – instead, each pocket held convenient items for car rides with children: one pocket neatly held a couple handfuls of crayons, two larger pockets held juice boxes and easy snacks, yet another pocket held spare diapers and wipes. You get the picture. This Mom had brilliantly re-purposed an item intended to organize adult travel toiletries into a much-needed space-saving car organizational tool perfect for Mom and her kids!

Clear pockets made each item plainly visible so it would be easy to choose items at a glance. Imagine the possibilities: Sunglasses, sunscreen, toys, hand sanitizer, etc. all within easy reach and out of the way!

We were so impressed with this idea, we just had to share just in time for Mother’s Day! We would not be surprised to see more and more Moms using this brilliant car organizing idea when using our free vacuums at RIO Car Wash! In fact, if you or a fellow Mom decide to try it, make sure you show us the next time you’re here! Better yet, snap a photo and share it on our facebook page!

To the Mom we first saw using the idea, we say hats off to you and THANK YOU for a fantastic idea. We hope to see you again soon!

In the spirit of giving, here are some additional ideas we found for Moms to try:
Used grocery bags don’t take up much room, and they’re super handy for quick tidying, dirty diapers, emergency barf bags, wet bathing suits or clothes, and so much more.48854139 - family, transport, safety, road trip and people concept - happy mother fastening child with car seat belt
An empty cereal box makes a perfect slim trashcan for the car between seats – not one will know it’s there but you, and when it’s full, just toss the whole thing!

Keep your cup holders from getting messy by lining them with silicone cupcake liners – if a sticky drink leaks into them, just throw them in with your dishes.
Crib-sized sheets work great as a protective layer over a bucket seat – especially when toddlers in rear-facing car seats kick their dirty or wet feet!

And, of course, using our RIO Clean vacuums is ALWAYS free of charge; stop in any time to eliminate those smashed orange fish cracker crumbs, O-shaped cereal bits, and all the other delightful treasures left behind by your precious cargo. We raise our collective juice boxes to all the Moms out there: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!