Don’t you just love making a purchase and feeling like, hey, I just got a really great value! I got it a fair price and I love what I got in return.  Those purchases might be few and far between these days, but they’re happening every day at Rio Car Wash with the introduction of our new Unlimited Wash Plans. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys having a clean car, but doesn’t like spending a lot of time or money getting it done, then you’re going to love these plans.

Imagine spending 3 minutes to have your car washed, then using our super powered vacuums to clean the interior, and doing that as often as you want starting at just $9 or $10 a month – that’s only .30 a day! There’s no catch. We’ve priced these plans to meet every budget and need and they’re  hard to beat. But wait – it gets even better – seriously! Let’s say you want to get your wheels cleaned too.  For as little as .10 more a day, you can upgrade to our Wheel Deal plan, which includes wheel cleaner, clear coat and a power air dry.  Better yet, do you like those nice shiny tires, and a rain protectant for clearer driving? For as little as .13 more a day, you can upgrade to the Shine & Protect package, which includes wheel deal, plus tire shine, rain repellant, color foam and bug spray at every wash. That’s great you say, but what about WAX?!

Spend .13 cents more a day and you’ll get the Wheel Deal, Shine & Protect and Hot Wax & Shine, the fastest way to wax! Rio’s best value by far is the Manager’s Special.  For just .66 a day, you get: Thunder Falls, our clean, protect and shine product, Hot Wax & Shine, Tire Shine, Rust Inhibitor, Color Foam, Undercarriage, Buff & Dry, Rain Repellant and Bug Spray – everything you need to keep that new car look and feel at one low monthly price of just $20.  Wow, now that’s a whole lotta clean.

No one else around town is offering these prices and by the way people are signing up in droves, we’re pretty sure it’s our most popular offering ever.  And no worries! There are no long-term contracts of any sort. You can cancel at anytime – just give us seven days notice before your recharge date.  It’s a win-win all around – we get lots of happy customers and you get the best car wash value in town.  Stop into any Rio location and talk to the manager on duty. He’ll get you set up lickety split. Tell ‘em the Clerk of Car Washing sent you!