Considerations When Deciding on a New Paint Job for an Automobile

Anyone who has owned an automobile for a long time may eventually get tired of the color and decide they want to have the vehicle repainted. Other vehicle owners might want to schedule a repainting because they have recently bought a used car, loving everything about it except the color. Whatever the reason, RIO Car Wash has some considerations when deciding on a new paint job.

Considering the Price
It's important to consider how much this paint job will cost compared with the value of the automobile. Consumer experts generally recommend skipping the new paint if the project will cost 25 percent or more of the fair market value of the car.

Choosing Satisfaction
For many vehicle owners’ price is not the most important factor. They want to feel more satisfied with their car and changing the color may accomplish that. Especially if they plan to keep the car for several more years, the percentage cost aspect may not be of great concern.

Color Considerations

The Relation of Color to Vehicle Type
Since this is a major undertaking, you’ll want to be certain about the color you choose. You might really like a specific color, but it may actually not fit well with the model. There are good reasons why some colors are rare to nonexistent on pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles or conservative sedans, for example.

Researching Trends
You may like a color that has become a recent trend, but doing some research on how long experts think that trend will last may be advisable. Some colors lose favor quickly, leaving owners with a dated-looking vehicle.

Standing Out
That said, if the you truly want a color that is seldom seen for this model and don’t mind standing out in a crowd, the auto body shop can do the work. Orange is sometimes seen on sports cars but much less often on pickup trucks, for instance.

Outdated Hues
In the 21st century, some paint colors that once were common are now avoided by most buyers. Two prominent examples include brown and gold. These tend to be viewed as old-fashioned, and even seniors don't particularly want a car that looks dated.

Classic Colors
Most vehicle buyers choose neutral colors or those that are seen more often on the nation's highways. An example is the ever-popular red in various shades that never go out of style. Others have a distinct preference for a more unusual color and don't mind if it makes the automobile harder to sell down the road.

Concluding Thoughts
Getting a new paint job is appealing for some and it can significantly increase the satisfaction with your everyday mode of transportation. Of course, a new paint job calls for a super clean vehicle so should you decide to repaint, consider a RIO Car Wash’s Unlimited Wash Club membership. Wash regularly for one low monthly price and keep that ride looking sharp!