Ways to Get the Most Gas Mileage Out of Your Car

Saving gasoline is good for the environment and your wallet! This month RIO Car Wash brings you some tips for getting more miles for your gallon.

Check Your Tire Pressure
Slightly under-inflated tires can cause more resistance on the road, leading to higher gas consumption. Apart from the natural deflation that occurs over time, tires can lose pressure from ambient conditions like cold weather and from slow leaks. Patching leaks and keeping tires between 30 - 35 psi of pressure will help you use gas efficiently and keep you safe on the road.

Change Your Oil
Oil works as a lubricant to keep your engine running smoothly. Old or dirty oil flows less efficiently, causing your motor to strain and use more gasoline than it normally would. Get your oil professionally changed every six months if possible and always use the oil type recommended by your car's manufacturer.

Use Your Cruise Control
Cars perform best when driven at a consistent speed - accelerating takes more gasoline than driving at a steady pace. Using cruise control helps set a steady pace to allow your engine to run efficiently. If you do have to accelerate, do so smoothly and at a moderate velocity if possible.

Roll Up Your Windows
Driving with your windows partially or all the way down leads to increased drag on your vehicle, making your engine work harder than necessary. Keep windows all the way up and avoid putting decorations or other additions on your vehicle that increase air resistance.

Shed Extra Weight
The heavier your vehicle is, the more energy is required to move it. Consider emptying out your car of everything but the essentials to lighten the load and increase efficiency during day-to-day driving.

As you can see, getting good gas mileage out of your car doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. RIO Car Wash knows that some maintenance and attention to some simple changes can save you time and money by making your vehicle run more efficiently.