5 Tips for Holiday Entertaining - 2020 Style

What will the holidays look like this year? It’s anyone's guess, but one thing is certain, entertaining friends and family will look a bit different. That doesn't mean family traditions and holiday gatherings need to fall by the wayside. There is still plenty of fun and joy to find this year. It may just mean pivoting and being a bit more creative.
This month RIO Car Wash brings you 5 tips for keeping the holiday spirit alive - pandemic style!

1. Host an outdoor get together. Host a socially distanced caroling event for the kids. Fire up the fire pit, assemble individual S'more kits (one for each guest), and hook up a crockpot full of hot apple cider or hot cocoa with paper cups for everyone.

2. Host a virtual family cooking school. Is there a family recipe that everyone looks forward to on Thanksgiving? Get the family cooks together on Zoom or Facebook and teach them how to prepare that favorite family recipe together! Send the recipe and a shopping list a week or so ahead of time, agree on a convenient time and host your own cooking show. No need to be perfect! What a great way to preserve a family recipe and make sure it lives on!

3. Hold a recipe swap. While in-person cookie exchange parties may not work this year, consider a recipe swap with friends. Remember the old chain mail letters? Keep it simple, but gather 10 friends together over email and each agrees to share 1 recipe among the group. Hopefully you'll end up with 9 new cookie recipes to try.

4. Zoom craft cocktail parties. Cocktail parties more your style? Zoom cocktail parties have been all the rage this year. It's a great way to reconnect with people you may not have seen in years! Let everyone pick a cocktail they would like to share and make during the call and gather for a virtual holiday cocktail party. It is a great way to catch up with friends near and far and show off your craft cocktail skills!

5. Traditional family holiday dinners. If you’re still keen on hosting a family holiday dinner it's definitely doable! Keep it small and set up family tables throughout the house. Skip the buffet and "family style" dishes. If the weather cooperates, let the kids run around outside while the adults hang out in the garage or patio or around the firepit while the turkey is cooking.

The holiday season will look different this year, but that does not mean a halt to celebrations and family gatherings. In a year that has had its share of stress and anxiety, RIO Car Wash hopes this holiday season you can bring people together in new ways and maybe even start some new traditions.