Caring for Your Car When You Work from Home: Easy Ways to Keep Your Wheels Rolling

No matter where you live or what you do for a living, the daily commute can take a real toll on your vehicle. From simple wear and tear to the high cost of gasoline, commuting can really be a pain.

What happens when that daily commute goes away? Should you forget about car care altogether? The simple answer is no. Your car may be spending more time in the garage or driveway than in traffic, but you still need to maintain your vehicle the right way.

A little car care will go a long way. Since you’re probably spending less on fuel these days, you can use those savings to improve your maintenance regimen. This month, Rio Car Wash brings you some of the must-do car care tips for telecommuters and other home-based workers.

1. Start your car and let it run. When your car is sitting unused, the battery can run down quickly. Starting your car once or twice a month will allow the electrical system to charge so you do not end up stranded in your driveway.

2. Check your windshield wiper blades. Windshield wiper blades can deteriorate rapidly when you are not driving, especially if your car is parked outside in the hot sun. If you want to see clearly during the next rainstorm, make sure your wiper blades are up to the task.

3. Change the air filter. A clogged air filter will reduce your mileage and cost you a lot of extra money, so check it on a regular basis. Replacing the air filter is a quick DIY job, one that only takes a few minutes to complete. If you are not up for the DIY task, most quick lube shops will change it for you.

4. Have your oil changed at the recommended intervals. Oil change intervals are expressed in two ways - mileage and time. Even if you are not putting many miles on your car, you will need to change the oil at the recommended time intervals in your owner’s manual.

5. Wash your car. Getting your car washed is a cool way to spend a hot summer afternoon, and it is good for the paint and factory finish. Even if your car is immobile most of the time, it can still benefit from a good wash and wax. Plus, it gives you a reason to get out and about.

6. Vacuum the interior. Dust can settle quickly when your car is not going anywhere, so take advantage of RIO Car Wash’s FREE VACUUMS and compressed air and clean up all the dirt. Be sure to clean under the seats, between the cushions and the cup holders to get rid of any remaining debris.

Telecommuting has several important benefits, from reducing your carbon footprint to eliminating your commuting costs. However, just because you’re not driving every day does not mean that you no longer need to maintain your vehicle properly. RIO Car Wash cares about your vehicle and its upkeep so use these simple tips listed above to help you keep your car in tip-top shape, so your wheels will roll when you need them most.