#1) Incorporating Pavers
One of the top landscaping trends in 2020 that people can do on their own is using pavers to build a serene and restful place to relax. Homeowners often want to have a place to entertain outside. Chairs, tables, and umbrellas are essential for such outdoor spaces, but when it comes time to mow the grass, it can be difficult to move and rearrange these items. To help eliminate this frustration and save time, homeowners may want to consider using pavers to build a space to entertain.
The nice thing about pavers is that most homeowners can install them on their own. Dig up the grass, lay down some sand, level the area, and lay the pavers. Pavers help make any area look more luxurious and future home buyers will be willing to pay more for a space that incorporates pavers.

#2) Design a Retaining Wall
For homeowners who have a level property, this may not be an option for them, but most homes do not have an entirely flat property. If your property has a slope to it, an excellent option is adding a retaining wall. To build a retaining wall, you will need large blocks, sand, and stone. You can complete this process on your own with the help of a few friends. Since a hill is typically a waste of space, homeowners can add a retaining wall to provide two distinct areas - one area for entertaining and the other area for pets, for instance.

#3) Build a Fire Pit
It’s always nice to entertain family and friends with a fire while you engage in conversations, roast marshmallows, or whatever you like to do to relax and enjoy yourself. It presents a great opportunity to invite friends and family over for a fun evening.
First, choose an area on your property. Watch out for trees and shrubbery that could catch fire. Build up the fire pit about two feet off the ground to help protect young children and pets. It is possible to use the same stones used for the retaining wall to add continuity to the yard. Potential home buyers will also appreciate a fire pit in the yard!

#4) Using White Rock
When homeowners are looking for new and innovative ways to landscape the property, it may be hard to find something that stands out. Typically, homeowners use mulch or stone to landscape their gardens. But, if you want to increase property value and make your home stand out, consider using white rock. Adding white rock to flower beds and garden areas can make the flowers and shrubs stand out more and can help make the home pop!
If you’ve got some extra time on your hands this summer, consider a DIY home landscaping project that will not only give you something to do, but can also increase the value of your home. Happy DIY’ing from your friends at Rio Car Wash.