Fun Facts About Presidents Day You Probably Didn’t Know

Every February, the United States observes Presidents Day. The third Monday of the month is set aside to commemorate the 45 men who have served in the nation's highest office. Most of us probably know that, so this month, RIO Car Wash is bringing you the most interesting facts about …

Recipe of the Month

We’re hopeless romantics around RIO Car Wash. We love washing cars and we love celebrating Valentine’s Day (remember, anyone with a pink or red car on Valentine’s Day gets $10 OFF our top wash!) With the holiday just around the corner, this recipe is great for any special …

Advantages of Buying Automotive Accessories Online

Automotive accessories are non-essential components that increase the owner's satisfaction with the appearance of the vehicle, the comfort of riding in it or its performance. You're adding your own personal touch to your car, pickup truck or sports utility vehicle rather than buying …

Employee Spotlight

Meet one of our assistant managers, John!

Recipe of the Month

This healthy recipe is great for those who are starting off 2019 the healthy way!

Forcing Bulbs for Winter Bloom

Don't let winter bleak time of year! See how one or more pots of colorful tulips or fragrant paperwhites in bloom can make all the difference this season!

Recipe of the Month

This Peppermint Pattie Stuffed Cookie recipe is great for the holiday season!

Recipe of the Month

This recipe is great for Thanksgiving!

5 Frightening Halloween Travel Destinations That Will Really Scare You

If you count the days until Halloween because you love a good scare, you may want to visit a haunted location!