4 Signs Your Vehicle's Brakes Need Repair

Automobiles require maintenance throughout their life, including keeping it clean at RIO Car Wash. Most importantly though is brake maintenance. You shouldn’t put off brake repair since brake problems can leave your car unsafe to drive. This month, RIO Car Wash provides 4 signs that your …

Employee Spotlight

Meet the General Manager of our Lynnhaven location, Alaixis Howard.

Family Friendly Halloween Movies You Can Stream

As soon as the leaves begin to change colors and the clock strikes midnight on the first of October, the desire to watch something spooky fills the air. Although it can be challenging to find a family friendly Halloween movie, RIO Car Wash is here to the rescue with five movies that the entire …

Trunk or Treat Oct. 27th

Join us for Trunk or Treat on October 27th at RIO Car Wash!

How to Use Auto Auctions to Maximize Your Return When Selling Your Car

When it comes time to sell your vehicle, you will be presented with a variety of options. You could choose to sell it to a dealership or try to sell it to a private party by posting a classified ad online. However, these options are unlikely to give you a top dollar return, and the process can …

4 Healthy Summer Snacks to Keep You Cool

Summer months mean warmer weather, which often makes it tempting to reach for a cool snack. Unfortunately, treats like ice cream can be high in sugar and fat content and aren't the healthiest option. This month, RIO Car Wash brings you 4 summer snacks to help you chill and stay in shape!

How Self-Driving Tech is Saving Lives - Right Now

One of the most publicized benefits of self-driving car technology has been the improvements in safety it promises. A spate of recent accidents in testing has dented public opinion however, and the arrival of genuinely autonomous cars may take longer than originally thought.

How to Prepare Your Car Before Selling It

When you advertise your car for private sale, a favorable appearance and presentation can make a substantial difference in the price you get for it, as well as making it likely to sell more quickly. This month, RIO Car Wash is bringing you the tips and tricks on what you can do to make your …

Employee Spotlight

Meet Milton! Milton Portillo is a Lead CSA for RIO Car Wash and divides his time between our Massaponax and Stafford locations.