Giving Back to the Community!

RIO Car Wash is dedicated to lending a helping hand to organizations in our community and we have two RIO great ways for your group or organization to raise money.

One way to raise funds is our RIO Partnership Program which allows you to sell Manager’s Special car wash tickets for $20 each and keep 50% of the sales!  This is an easy way to raise money and it is not reliant on setting a particular date for a fundraiser.

If interested, please  download and complete the PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM FORM via the link below and bring it to any RIO Car Wash location.


Another way to raise funds is to participate in a RIO Fundraising Day at one of our Richmond or VA Beach locations.  A Fundraising Day allows your team to be on site for 4 hours on a set date.  Your team can raise money by offering to vacuum for tips and Rio Car Wash will donate 20% of the single wash sales during your fundraiser to your not-for-profit group or organization. 

You should plan on 5 or 6 people for vacuuming and sign holders along the road announcing your charity car wash. Rio Car Wash expects your group to publicize the Fundraising Day via your social media channels, flyers, newsletters, etc.

If interested, please click on the REQUEST INFORMATION tab on this page.  One of our team members will be alerted to your request and will follow up with you. Fundraising Day dates and organizations are chosen at the discretion of RIO Car Wash and must be confirmed in writing by a RIO Car Wash representative.